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Corporate and Social Responsibility is fundamental to how we conduct business. We are committed to practicing environmental sustainability while maintaining high social and ethical standards. Our products and solutions play a vital role in driving sustainability in society, as part of one large eco system.



Our Corporate Social  Responsibility work is built on three pillars:
- Environment
- Social Responsibility 
- Ethics/Governance


Our three CSR Pillars



We are working to minimize the environmental footprint in our operations as well as our supply chain. Our goal is to provide green and energy-efficient Radio products. 



Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility is cornerstone for us, and we are committed to improving and making a positive impact.



Business Ethics is an integral part of how we conduct business responsibly. We are committed to high ethical standards.

CSR in Supply Chain

We expect high standard from our suppliers related to CSR and therefore we require our suppliers to sign our Code of Conduct. It outlines our requirements in areas such as environment, climate change, labor and human rights, business ethics including anti-corruption and occupational health & safety. The Code of Conduct is a binding document and suppliers not adhering to it will be subject to termination.


We work closely with our strategic suppliers and conduct yearly assessments to understand their performance related to CSR. Below is a summary of the actual score from our suppliers shown in percentage of the target value condensed into four categories.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Goal

"Zillnk to be a Responsible Driver in the Industry,
recognized by the CSR work as integrated in our operations"

Our CSR Goal Zillnk to be a Responsible Driver in the Industry, recognized by the CS work as integrated in our operations

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